News One Now: Reality TV and its Damaging Effect on Black Women

Tamika Mallory wrote an article on reality tv and its damaging effect on black women. In the article she speaks on the lasting image these television show leave on the minds of society and how is ruins the image of black women for all black women. There is a certain paragraph that stands out to me:

“The reality in all of this is that we must decide ourselves who we are and what we’d like to represent us on a national and global scale. For it isn’t just Americans that tune in to popular programming; there are countless others around the planet that may never come across a Black woman in his/her entire life and the image on TV is all they have to go by.” (Mallory)

This one paragraph is very true. Being able to go out of the country to Ireland, I realized that the image they have of Americans is what they see on television. In Ireland, there main representation of America is the show Friends. They believe that all Americans drink coffee, have a close group of friends that date each other, and have high careers. This could be true for some people, but not all of us. Reality TV ruins the depiction of black women not just in America, but all over the world.



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