Interview #1: My Dad

I interviewed my father about his views on black women on reality TV and how they reinforce stereotypes. He told me that he feels reality TV has reinforce the stereotypes of black women. although reality TV portrays black women in a bad light, the show is so scripted that you really can’t believe anything it presents. Now when you look back at early reality television, the shows were more real, it flowed naturally. You didn’t really question whether or not the actions were written in. Now there is so much fighting and bickering that you can obviously tell certain things have been written in for ratings. he also said that the actions of one person on the show has become the normal actions of everyone else in the group. for example, when one girl on love and Hip Hop sleeps around with someone else’s man, the whole group of black women are know to sleep around. Society automatically groups all black women into one category based on what they see on TV.


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