Real House Wives of Atlanta: Overview

Real House Wives is one of the biggest reality TV franchises. The show aired before any other reality show that was solely centered around women. The one that most African Americans watch is RHWOA (Real House Wives of Atlanta). RHWOA first aired on October 7, 2008. This franchise is a very tricky one because the women of the show aren’t married to famous men, but they are involved with men of very high status. Some of the women of the show do respect themselves and each other, however, the bickering and arguing still continues. The difference with this group of women is that the are a more established and seasoned group, meaning that the women in this group are older, maybe in late thirties to late forties. They have families and very notable careers. So you can say that this show isn’t as bad as the others, but the glorification of the women struggling in ending relationships and suffering with mental, emotional, and physical abuse isn’t what a young girl should be looking up to. Tia Brown, from Ebony magazine said this in an article she wrote, “It’s time to stop hiding pain, it’s time to stop fantasizing about happily ever after, it’s time to stop limiting accountability.” She said this in reference to cast member, Sheree Whitfield and her husband implying that he didn’t “choke her hard enough.” Tia Brown is spot on. Reality TV is needs to stop glorifying women in dysfunctional relationships, especially black women. This is exactly what Real House Wives portray. The pain has to stop.

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Real House Wives of Atlanta cast, Bravo TV

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