Love and Hip Hop: Overview

The very first Love and Hip Hop episode aired on March 6, 2011. Love and Hip Hop is about men and women in relationships and involved in the Hip Hop industry. However, there is not relevant about Hip Hop on this show. There is the daily does of baby momma drama, drunk fights, drink throwing, and so much more. Nothing about this show shows black women in a good light. I know at the end of the day, they all have a hustle and are just trying to make it, but do they have to resort to a messy personality just to get respect. It is very sad because our own African American community glorifies this show as if this show is gold. Honestly, I don’t see anything positive about this show. In truth this show misrepresents the Hip Hop industry in a negative light as well. The women on the show are nothing more than sex symbols and don’t do anything else, but try to take another woman’s man. This generation praises these women, but for what?

When the show first started the women on the show still had a sense of class and dignity. Yes, there were times when they had fights and disagreements, but it wasn’t to the extent that it is at now. Also, when the show started, Hip Hop was the center focus of the show. The members of the show still had some relevancy in the Hip Hop industry and were washed up producers and artists that are still trying to make a name for themselves. Now, I’m not trying to bash anyone on the show, but when you are a young person and all you see is distasteful behavior on the screen being portrayed by people of the same skin tone as me it is very hurtful.

Love and Hip Hop Cast-VH1

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