Basketball Wives: Overview

Basketball Wives is a reality TV of black women who are or were once married to start NBA athletes. The show first aired on April 11, 2010 and followed by Basketball Wives: LA in 2011. The show depicts the life of how women involved in the league live their lives on a day to day basis. However, are the lives they are living truly the life of an average basketball wife? The creator of the show, Shaunie O’Neal (ex-wife of former LA Lakers player, Shaquille O’Neal) said:

Shaunie O’neal executive producer of Basketball Wives 

“I wanted to do “Basketball Wives.” I wanted to show what life is really like when you are with a professional athlete — and that sometimes all that glitters isn’t gold.” (CNN special)

As she said this on a special with CNN, she also alluded to the fact that she does believe reality TV has given black women a bad reputation. I on the other hand believe that she is contradicting herself. How can you create a show with women who has issues with each other every scene, but then believe that reality TV isn’t a good outlet source for African American women? She also said in her interview with CNN that:

“That’s the heart of “Basketball Wives,” and I believe that if you look closely and beyond the arguing and the fighting, you’ll see a group of women trying to get their lives back on track and figure out who they really are.” (CNN special)

Well Shaunie, it’s very hard to look beyond the arguing and the fighting when that is being show every episode. In all actuality, I believe the arguing and the fighting is what keeps the ratings so high. Now think, if you take out all the fight scenes, the cussing, and the drinking, what do you have left? A group of women who are just everyday people just like us. All they would have is the status of being an ex-wife to a basketball player. Be honest, would you take time out of your day to watch that?



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