My feelings about Black Women on Reality TV

In today’s society black women have become household names. From Octavia Spencer to Taraji P. Henson, black women are know to be creative, innovative, bold, and beautiful. As a young woman I look up to many African American women celebrities because they are paving the way for my generation and the next generation to come. However, there is another group of women who in my opinion aren’t what I would call role model worthy. These women are apart of the reality TV era. In this era reality television is worship by the young generation. We all say we want to be like them, look like them, have money like them, but at what cost? You would risk you self respect and character just for fame and fortune? Now, many black women don’t feel offended by the reality TV shows that are on today. I could see why because the show isn’t specifically talking about them and their character, its degrading the person’s character that is carrying out the act.

As a whole, the African American community is being stereotyped. Black women are being portrayed as loud, ghetto, hood, and with attitudes. Majority of the women on the reality shows are strippers that have gained fame through television. It’s sad that I have to live in a world where fame and fortune are more reputable than class. Growing up all I heard my parents tell me was that my name is who I am. Your name is all you have. It defines who you are, who you want people to see you as. If you are out her flinging drinks in someones face, fighting, and making a scene in public, then that is what people are going to think about when they hear your name. When we came over from Africa, all we had was our names. We held them dear to our hearts, but when we became slaves we were given new names. Names that the slave masters wanted us to have. That is the same with reality TV and black women. Their names are being taken from them. The politics of the show and companies that back the shows add in the drama and the foolishness because they now that it will sell, and they know that black people will watch their own act a fool on TV.

The entertainment industry has been making money off of black people for centuries. We are trained to entertain others. Whether it is through singing, dancing, or comedy. It has been built into our DNA. Even though as black people we are very good at what we do, it hurts to see that one person that does something demeaning, the whole group suffers.


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